Fernand Pelez

I discovered Fernand Pelez at the Petit Palais in Paris. He lived from the 18th of January 1843 to the 7th of August, 1913 and was French, with Spanish origins. Pelez was part of the naturalism movement in the 1880s. He used his art to portray scenes of street poverty, with an emphasis on street …


Flo At Sunset

This is a painting I did for a friend before I discovered oils, which would have been a lot more appropriate for the blending. However, I think acrylics were still effective enough. Of course this picture is all about the light, my favourite aspect of paintings.

Joaquim Mir

In a recent trip to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, it was a painting by Joaquim Mir that most excited my senses. I have included my own pictures below. Mir was born in 1973 to a wealthy family and after his training joined the Calla del Safrà - a group of Catalonian artists who strived to …