Being a Student at Saint Petersburg State Uni

Here's a little article I wrote for EBC Consultancy's blog, in case anyone is thinking of studying in Russia! 🙂 Before I started my lessons at St Petersburg State University (SPSU) I pictured strict teachers and rote learning – I think this was the impression a previous student gave me. Perhaps I see things in …


Watching the English Language Sort Of Taking Over

The spread and infiltration of the English language throughout Europe (and the world) is an interesting phenomenon. Going on the people I've met, non-English speakers see it as either a bad thing, or an inevitable thing. Perhaps they like learning and talking the language, perhaps they don't, but either way, it seems they don't have much …

Flo At Sunset

This is a painting I did for a friend before I discovered oils, which would have been a lot more appropriate for the blending. However, I think acrylics were still effective enough. Of course this picture is all about the light, my favourite aspect of paintings.

St Petersburg 6: A Month In

Spring is in the air at last! These pictures are the same tree in Mikhailevsky Garden, taken a month apart: It was really cool to catch the last bit of snowy Russia, such a beautiful atmosphere, but actually a few weeks of winter was enough! Not many people are cut out for such cold and darkness.