Paris! – one week in

So here I am in the capital of France for the summer – la ville d’amour! I’m doing an office internship with a fairly fancy company, which I found through my university career service. Four interviews later, I made it!

Land, shimmery sea and sky

A huge thanks to the Erasmus traineeship grant (check it out!) plus my salary and free metro/bus card, I can actually afford to live here. What’s more, the internship is awesome; super intense but everyone in the office is really welcoming and has a great sense of humour!

From my bedroom

I’ve found a place to live in Charenton-le-Pont, in the south east of the city. It’s a lovely area and I really recommend it for living. For short-term tourists its might be a bit far from the main sights, but if you’re studying or working in Paris for at least a month, then it’s a really nice area. We shouldn’t be complacent, but I have walked home alone at night here and not felt creeped out, which I think says a lot for Paris.

Sunset from the living room

Speaking of the scary side, I (touch wood) haven’t actually felt uneasy at all here, referring to the terrorism threat. I hesitated to write that because of course we don’t know where or when the next attack will be, and I’m prepared there could be at least one while I’m here. However, life in Paris doesn’t seem compromised at all. The terraces are full to bursting in the sun with chatty, at ease people; metros seem relaxed, parks are busy, people don’t seem wary of strangers – the city feels bustling and great!

I need not mention how much there is to do here, on Saturday I had the best day, looking round Le Petit Palais in the morning (where I discovered Fernand Pelez) and reading in the late afternoon sun in Le Bois des Vincennes – a reeeeally special place.


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