St Petersburg: Udelnaya Market

Near the top of the blue line of the St Petersburg metro is the Udelnaya stop. Provided you go in the morning, when you come out you can follow a trail of babushkas, all with little blankets laid out with items of clothing and trinkets. Cross the railway line and turn right and you are at the beginning of the main market. It is probably packed, and you’re probably the only foreigner.

The market is one huuge long line of stalls and shelters, and there is an unimaginable amount of …just STUFF! Old (used) postcards and photo albums, furniture, hats, books, vinyls, toys, tools, instruments, even old soviet passports! It’s a complete treasure trove for junk-lovers.

A word of advice – don’t let it be known you’re foreign, if you want to buy something for a decent price. If people hear you speaking English, then you ask for the price in Russian, the stallholders will charge you ten times more than normal. You’re best to stay quiet, then just ask in Russian with the minimum amount of words (but confidence) so that they hopefully won’t detect your accent. After all, they probably won’t be expecting it.




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