Italy 2: Choosing a State of Mind

I started my art course straight away. I was to be in full time Monday to Thursday, then Friday was open studio. My class was tiny!! Well, it consisted of me and the teacher for the morning, then me, the teacher and a nice Brazilian guy called Lucas for the afternoon. There was a nice quiet, working atmosphere, with some other solo artists busying away in other rooms of the studio. In the morning my teacher was a man from Albania called Milot. He taught me some more scientific-y draughtsmanship skills, which I was lacking. Then in the afternoon I was lucky to have a Russian tutor who spoke fluent Italian and English. Lucas was keen to improve his Italian so she spoke that language to him, while on my request she spoke Russian to me. Lucas had never had any art teaching so Svetlana, the teacher, started from the basics with him. I was left to do my own project while she regularly came round to give me advice. It was exactly the style of teaching I had hoped for!

On my walk home that day I passed two different groups of British friends, about my age, exploring Florence together. It made me feel weirdly awkward and lonely, why is it that I so often seem to be on my own? I know the answer is a practical one, my friends are all very independent and busy too and either don’t have the time or the money to come with me. The next evening I felt even lonelier and I wanted to tell someone how upset I felt but then I thought about the fairly crap situations some of my closest friends are in and I didn’t want to bring them down. I wondered, why are so many people in crap, lonely situations!? [warning: cheese coming up] Then I realised, everyone is looking for somebody else to have the answer. If you want love you have to initiate it, to give energy – be the sun! Be a radiating sun and people will gravitate towards you. It’s worth the energy!

That night I was determined for this Italy experience not to fail…so I took to the internet. Over dinner I started planning several events to attend and language exchanges. I also booked a yoga class, which my body was dying for! I was keen to get busy!


One Reply to “Italy 2: Choosing a State of Mind”

  1. Nice post! In the moment you understand we are all connected you will never feel alone, this is just a stage. I totally agree with you!

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