Kiki beginning

This is one of my favourite pictures. It took a couple of months to finish, mostly just because I paint slowly with gaps to think. Despite it being little, I love the effect it has when you see it, because of all that sparkly light and those bluey greens.


Fernand Pelez

I discovered Fernand Pelez at the Petit Palais in Paris. He lived from the 18th of January 1843 to the 7th of August, 1913 and was French, with Spanish origins. Pelez was part of the naturalism movement in the 1880s. He used his art to portray scenes of street poverty, with an emphasis on street …

Watching the English Language Sort Of Taking Over

The spread and infiltration of the English language throughout Europe (and the world) is an interesting phenomenon. Going on the people I've met, non-English speakers see it as either a bad thing, or an inevitable thing. Perhaps they like learning and talking the language, perhaps they don't, but either way, it seems they don't have much …